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Blue Jacket Brewery


Washington, DC


11,000 SF

Bluejacket Brewery is an 11,000 sf Commercial Restaurant and Brewery build-out in the historic Boilermarker Building located at 300 Tingey St. SE (also known as “The Yards”). The Brewery includes new structural steel and concrete 2nd and 3rd floor mezzanine levels built to accommodate large brewery tanks, equipment and storage barrels in addition to restaurant seating and beer tasting areas.

The first floor level includes ‘Buzz Station’ which is a bakery and deli (breakfast and lunch service) and the main restaurant (night service). The first floor seating is equipped with exposed ceilings three stories high and extensive custom lighting throughout. Bluejacket Brewery is a one-stop restaurant any time of day constructed in a way to blend the old and the new, to entice guests of all ages to this burgeoning neighborhood.

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