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Farmers Fishers Bakers


Washington, DC


9,700 SF

The Washington Harbour is home to the farm-to-table restaurant where every inch connotes the “true food-driven” theme with architectural elements reinforcing transportation motifs at every turn. With floor-to-ceiling window seating, an eight-seat reserved Baker’s Table room, railroad-style boxcar booths, ship cabin booths, a central sushi bar and baking kitchen.

Replacing the former Farmers & Fishers following the 2011 flooding, FFB was a 9,700 SF interior renovation with a storefront replacement including an exterior patio complete with awnings and shades as well as heaters and a fire-pit. WINMAR teamed with owner VSAG and the innovative concepts brought to life by GrizForm Design Architects and the wide range of culinary menu options leave each and every guest satisfied and curious to return to the revitalized Washington Harbor.

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