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US Soccer Foundation


Washington, DC


15,531 SF

15,531 SF interior relocation, project features dHive glass partitions-exposed ceilings and floors-extensive millwork and commissioned graffiti art- Construction challenges include: installing central design features that included displays walls featuring autographed soccer balls and shoes by professional soccer players-extensive use of graphics required walls to have Level 5 finishes-exposed floors required leveling and were stained with a concrete wear-coat sealant to give a uniform appearance-installed concealed LED lighting inside drywall-special ceiling tile with transparent mesh with lights above was installed in lobby area -relocated sprinkler piping to accommodate architect’s lighting design-building was directly connected to another building that only had drywall between the building facade. This caused drywall cracks in the areas where the windows were filled in. Winmar fixed repaired these areas per the client’s request. Overall, Winmar made US Soccer’s new office space look fresh and modern in an old DC building.

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