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Kelly Markland

Principal, VP, Pre-Construction & Operations

With over 29 years of experience in the construction industry running and estimating interior build outs, renovations, and restorations, Kelly is a master of pre-construction needs and necessary requirements for successful project kickoff. As VP of Pre-Construction, Kelly is directly responsible for the oversight of estimators and project managers, as well as the coordination of bidding schedules, contract documents, safety procedures, bonding arrangements, and staffing.

During project oversight, Kelly maintains complete knowledge of consultants, plans, specifications, shop drawings, and pertinent material data required for comprehensive integration of estimating, to run the project to success. His thorough understanding of the project as it relates to trades’ scope of work and contractual requirements makes him a valuable and essential member of any project team. For every Winmar client, Kelly is involved with design review and constructability assessments during the pre-construction phase, and he oversees coordination with the design team and project manager of the construction program, ensuring quality assurance.

Kelly Markland
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